The annual event had returned! This year’s Thank God I’m Female, which was held on 7 March, had a theme of Masquerade. We gathered a total of 13 participants. Our main objective is to allow the participants to bond and get to know each other more and let loose after the exam period. This event also enable them to comfortably open up and feel confident about themselves.



The responses we received after the event are positive as most gave a full score for the overall, publicity, programme timeline, games and sharing session. The decorations prior to the theme, the loads of food, and the variety of games were most enjoyed. Everyone was seen having fun, smiling and laughing. Amazing teamwork was displayed when team members cheered to motivate, encourage and telling one another to persevere all the way. Also, they were delighted with the free flow of food and drinks.

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Despite the event stating an hour later due to latecomers, our MC handled the situation well and started the event with ice-breaking games and helped all of us to stop worrying about those who couldn’t make it on time. Also, in the feedback, participants were asked if they would invite their friends to this event next time, 100% responded yes, with reasons stating that it was a good event to make more female friends and bond more.

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All participants were cooperative, pro-active during the games and not forgetting to dress up in accordance to the theme. The highlight of the event was the Dance Battle, where each team had to choreograph their own moves with a given song. They were all excited and very confident, with no one being shy or desolated. Everyone worked together, with the help of their facilitators (committee members), to create the choreography in a short period of time.

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Overall, the event was greatly accepted and the participants responded to it well. A strong bond was formed between the participants and also among committee members through the activities. They were able to express themselves more freely and have great confidence. That being said, we believe that the event was a success.

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