On 4th June 2016. Singapore Polytechnic’s boys and girls Dikir Barat teams (Keturunan Putera and Seri Thera respectively) competed in Piala Suara Serumpun, the annual tertiary Dikir Barat competition at Potong Pasir CC.

The journey to this competition was a tough one, with many sacrifices being made by the participants and a lot of effort put in while preparing for the competition.


However, all the hard work put in by both teams through weeks of trainings with their respective instructors paid off as the boys clinched 2nd place in the tertiary boys category while the girls came in 3rd in the tertiary girls category.


Along with being the 1st runner ups, the boys team were also nominated for Best Awak-Awak (choral singers), Best Tukang Karut (second lead singer) and also Best Lyrics


The girls were also nominated for a few categories, which were Best Awak-Awak (choral singers) and Best Paluan (Percussion)


Piala Suara Serumpun 2016 was a very memorable event for both teams as the girls were able to maintain their 3rd placing for the second time running and the boys were able to beat the odds and came back into this competition clinching 2nd place, as compared to their unfortunate placing the year before.


Although both boys and girls did Singapore Polytechnic proud, we won’t stop here.

We will continue to bring Keseri Puthera to greater heights in the years to come.