Pesta Pantun is an annual competition organised by National University of Singapore Malay Language Society (PBMUKS). It is a platform to raise awareness among the youths about traditional Malay poems known as Pantun. It also serves to encourage participants to learn the techniques of Pantun, such as using rhymes. Not only that, they also have the opportunity to appreciate poems more in depth with newfound friends.

PBMUKS is an undergraduate-run organisation registered under the Registry of Societies (Ministry of Home Affairs). Formally registered in 1969, the society has been around for more than 40 years. It is an independent society that provides an avenue for undergraduates to learn, grow and perform.

Pesta Pantun 2016 has grown a lot from the previous years. For its 20th anniversary this year, PBMUKS decided to re-categorise the teams. Category A consists of secondary schools, Madrasah schools and junior colleges. On the other hand, Category B consists of polytechnics, universities and also members of the public aged 30 and below.

This year, SP participated in Category B, competing against the alumni of Republic Polytechnic and also some national representatives from Malaysia. SP sent 3 teams (Gerhana, Sri Saujana and Seri Raden), who fought well in the Semi-Finals, but only Seri Raden was able to qualify for the Final round of Pesta Pantun 2016.

Gerhana fought well in the Semi-Final round. It was a challenge for them as all of the team members were busy with their internship work. Despite their busy schedules, they met up at night to train together so as to put up a good performance for the competition. The team stood out with their opening performance by accompanying their poetry with guitars, which is something that has never been done before in Pesta Pantun.

Sri Saujana
Sri Saujana trained really hard for the Semi-Final round. Some of the members were busy coaching other schools that were participating in Category A of Pesta Pantun. Despite their busy schedules, they did not neglect their team and trained hard for the competition. They fought well with their competitors, but unfortunately their journey ended at the Semi Finals. They are determined to compete again next year, with even better preparation.

Seri Raden
Seri Raden fought really well in the Semi-Finals, where they had to compete against a Malaysian team and the alumni of Republic Polytechnic. They trained day and night to prepare for the competition and provided an extraordinary opening performance. It was a tight competition but Seri Raden managed to move on to the Finals, which came as a pleasant surprise. In the Finals, the team fought against two other Malaysian teams. They ended off their great journey by accomplishing third place.

SPMLS President

Being a past competitor and winning third place for Pesta Pantun 2015, our SPMLS President, Shareef, received an invitation from PBMUKS to be the emcee for Pesta Pantun. Shareef accepted the invitation and emceed the competition for all rounds. Despite being the emcee, he still came back to school to support the SP teams.

In conclusion, Pesta Pantun served as a platform for Malay students to gain exposure in a Malay Poetry competition and learn more about Malay poetry and stage presence. It was also a fun and thrilling ride for all of our participants throughout their Pesta Pantun journey. Winning is not all that matters. At the end of the day, the participants enjoyed themselves and also gained memorable experiences. May the friendships forged will last throughout their lives
2016-04-06 12.38.50Gerhana

Sri Saujana semi-finals 1 Sri Saujana

Seri Raden ThirdSeri Raden won third place

12916362_10153425948512633_2832643407614128020_oSPMLS President emceeing the Pesta Pantun Finals 2016