After successfully entering the finals for Pesta Pantun for two years running, winning third for both, and succeeding in organising our own Pantun competition, SP has gained recognition in the pantun field. Jurongville Secondary School, engaged us to conduct a two-day workshop for their secondary two Malay students. Being a part of the community that contributes to the continuity of the Malay language and culture, we were more than willing to do so. It is the first time we ever made an outreach programme to a secondary school and teach them how to pantun. The SP pantun students came together with the help of the Malay teachers in Jurongville Secondary School make this event possible. During this two day event, we taught the students the foundations of crafting their own pantun. Our members assisted in the teaching and facilitation of learning. On the second day, we conducted a mini pantun competition for the students. The objective of this event is to familiarise the younger generation with the beauty of our culture and language. We cant wait to have more events where we outreach to more schools and contribute to expanding the beauty of our Malay language! Some of the students from Jurongville touched our hearts by saying they wish to enter the Pesta Pantun competition next year and hopes to be a part of SP Pantun team should they enter SP in the future. We hope that more youths would step up and come forward to continue spreading the beauty of Malay language and culture.