The Malay dance workshop for Japanese students was definitely an event to remember. This workshop was organised for our Japanese friends to introduce to them what is Malay Dance and how it came about.

Not only did we showcase a Zapin dance titled Zapin Bunga Hutan but we had a interactive session whereby after introducing a genre to them, we had them try out basic steps from that genre. Genres we introduced to them were Asli, Zapin, Joget, Inang and Masri.


The interactive session made the atmosphere changed completely with our dancers being their lively selves and the Japanese students being so enthusiastic to learn our dance culture.

After the interactive session, we had them split into two groups where they had to do they own little performance, all of them put in a lot of effort for a short performance and that is something we dancers, really appreciate.


Both teams did really well for the performance and to end of  our workshop with a bang, we did a Joget performance titled Kenangan manis and it wasn’t just the dancers but for the second half of the song, the Japanese students joined us and we all did the steps that were taught during the interactive session. The dancers really enjoyed being a part of their exchange programme and we believe the Japanese students did too.

We hope to see them again next year!

Here is the link to view the video during the workshop.