Ladies’ Tea Session, an annual event was held on 29 July this time round. We achieved our objectives that are to enhance the bond between our female members through interactions and also to let them rest and relax. We started the game with Guess-Your-Name where it was a good activity for participants to remember each other’s names fast. Next was Sailor-on-the-ship where it got the participants energized as it involved feet movement. For the last game, Mysterious Hunt, it was a quick game as all the groups geared up and searched for clues all over the room.
More interaction was seen during the tea session where everyone sat in a circle and drink tea, a tradition for this event. Everyone felt good after feeling up their tummies. We also chatted and shared our experiences in the polytechnic world. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as seen from their smiled and laughter even after a long day in school.
Maybe in the future, the committee could open up this event to the whole SP female members instead of just females from Malay Language Society. Also, we can invite students from other polytechnics. Overall, the event was a success!! The ladies had plenty of enjoyable interaction and we hope that these friendships will create a sweeter memory in the polytechnic life.