On the first of July, SPMLS had it’s annual Mass Iftar Gathering to commemorate the islamic month of Ramadhan, where muslims fast during the day and break their fast at sundown, for a month. For this year’s mass Iftar, over 200 people attended, including SPMLS members, SPMLS alumni, and SP students from different CCAs. Though more than 200 signed up, there were also walk-ins, which SPMLS warmly welcomed them. The event started off with our host, Ahmad Zaid, talking about Ramadhan, what is it about, the spiritual meaning behind the holy month, and what meanings does it bring to muslims.

There was also an activity conducted where our guests exchanged handwritten notes which they had written earlier during registration. The objective of this activity is to spread love and happiness around, and to also forge new friendships between guests.

Afterwards, a short speech was given by the president of SPMLS and also head of event, Nur Badriyah, where she thanked everyone for coming and the objectives and hopes of the Iftar.

Afterwards, food was served 15 minutes before the call of prayer, which signaled the start of the Iftar feast. Everyone was seated in groups of 4 or more, and the whole Concourse was abuzz with light talk and good atmosphere.


The Mass Iftar Gathering ended with a closing speech and good feedback from guests, and a lot with hopes of returning next year for the same event.