SP Malay Language Society (SPMLS) had their Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) for the new academic year 16/17 on the 14th of May. It was held at Dance@Moberly and Mug@Moberly from 0900 to 1800, and it saw the participation of 52 fresh faces in SPMLS.

It was a wonderful and exciting experience for the organizing committee, to organize the FOP, and most of the organizing committee was new at event-planning, and we were determined to do our best to plan a fun event for the freshmen.

While preparing for FOP, there were many learning points that we picked up. The event was targeted for the new malay freshmen, and also new faces in SPMLS, and we achieved the objective of the FOP, which was to introduce SPMLS and it’s many interesting branches to them.

The SPMLS FOP started early as many of the participants arrived early, and began with a short opening speech by Event Chairperson, Syed Shaiful, who warmly welcomed the participants to our annual SPMLS FOP. Following that, a brief introduction of SPMLS was given by our emcee, Ahmad Zaid, underlining the programme flow of the FOP.

It started with mass icebreaker games, where the participants played a lot of different games to interact with other participants. Then they were separated by gender, where the ladies went for the Women Empowerment slot, where they continued to play games with one another, bond more closely, and also get to know more about the Women Empowerment’s branch of SPMLS . The boys also had their own bonding time, where they also continued to play games.

With the participants split with the boys and girls in different venues, the atmosphere gets silent from the lesser crowd. However, the more intimate environment allowed them to express their inner-selves. Both genders had enjoyed their bonding times, as this had allowed them to make new friends.

Afterwards, they congregated again, for the introduction of the performing arts of SPMLS, Keseri Puthera, which comprised of Dikir Barat and also Malay Dance. They started off first with Malay Dance, where they were given a brief lesson on the different types of dance by Wangsa Kesari Seni (WKS) , the name of our dance group in SPMLS. WKS then gave a demonstration of a malay dance, which then they taught the participants and everyone had a go at it.

Next was the Dikir Barat, Keseri Puthera, where they briefly talked about dikir barat, and Keseri Puthera taught them the traditional Dikir Barat song, Wau Bulan, which the participants were then given an opportunity to try it out.

The event ended with the language section, where participants learnt about Malay poetry and how to make a “4-kerat pantun.” The participants were separated into groups and given a challenge to act out a skit by only saying out malay poems as their script.

In conclusion, the FOP was a successful event, with a few minor hiccups, and everyone had bright smiles on their faces when leaving


Written by Nur Badriyah Binte Rezlan

President of SPMLS

Class of DFST/FT/2A/01