SPMLS had its annual Freshman Orientation Camp (FOC) on the 14th June 2016 and 15th June 2016. It was held for 2 days. This year’s FOC theme was The Hunger Games: Ramadhan Pursuit in line with the month of Ramadhan. A total of 50 brave tributes took up the challenge and they were divided into 10 districts with each districts having their own unique identity and idea.


As usual, the camp started out with ice breakers where tributes are separated by gender followed by a flag making session where at the same time, districts craft their exclusive cheers. Thrilling and exciting games were lined up for them such as The Amazing Race. With burning determination, the districts gives their best to conquer all the games and be the leading district to be called champion. This camp enables them to test their limits while they fast. It was not easy for these tributes but obviously these warriors make it instead of breaking it.


Through the pre planning of FOC and during the camp itself, the organising committee gained lots of learning points. As a team, we managed to overcome the setbacks and overall it was a successful camp.

All in all, it was a challenging yet enjoyable camp filled with knowledge and opportunities for all of us to bond and forged new friendships.