Peace was the main topic of discussion for this year’s second For Your Ilm (For Your Knowledge) event organised by SPMLS on the 29th June.

The event’s discussion was led by our guest speaker Ustad’s Zahid Zin who is the current Vice President of Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association ( Pergas) and is also the Youth Director at Muslim Youth Forum Singapore. Ustad Zahid is no stranger to a lot of youth talks and seminars.


During our FYI event, Ustad Zahid discussed on 12 points summarizing the Islamic values related to peace building within oneself. In addition to that, a balance of these 4 aspects of life would be the key pillars of attaining inner peace:


The speaker was well engaged with our audience, as he shared his witty personal accounts and experiences making the audience laugh at his occasional remarks.He was also able to impart very beneficial and informative learning points during his sharing session, making us reflect on our faith and to continuously improve our deen not just during the holy month of Ramadhan but to carry on its values & good practices outside of Ramadhan as well.

Alhamdulillah the session ended with a very interesting Q&A session with positive and useful inputs by our speaker. We look forward to continuing our FYI series where our muslim youths can gain knowledge valuable to their daily lives.