Escapade, which was held on 21st September 2016, is an event organized by SPMLS Women Empowerment. It was held at SAFRA Yishun Country Club. The objectives were to enrich the female members with sportsmanship values, teamwork and leadership qualities. It was also to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle and allow them to bond with and support each other in times of difficulties.


For the first part of the event, there was an amazing hunt, where there were many stations all around the venue. The stations were made to challenge the participants into trying different skills. For some stations, like the telepathy station, it was surprising to see that they have so many things in common. For the quiz station, it enabled them to answer the questions on general knowledge in a short amount of time. For the formation station, it was the most challenging for the females, as it needed us to work together and trust one another while working out the difficult formations. Nevertheless, all groups did the 3 stages of formation and proved that we have good body flexibility.


After getting a quick bite, it was time for the main activity, which was rock climbing. It was obvious that everyone waited for that moment. The boys and girls split up into different lanes. Belayers prepared themselves to carry the weights of those climbing. The guys climbed the 25m wall while the girls climbed the 18m wall. When the guys climbed, they were climbing at great speed. Some were experienced and some were scared and felt discouraged. After some encouragement, they climbed nevertheless and even climbed quite high. The girls were similar too. But they were a little slower, which was okay. Some of them reached the 18m mark which made us all proud. It was nice to see everyone cheering on for one another.


Nearing to the end of the activity, it started to rain. We moved in the indoor rock climbing which is also called Bouldering. The rain did not stop them from showing their climbing skills. Most of them climbed all over the walls like monkeys. But some started getting tired and just spent the time resting comfortably. At the end of the event, early dinner was given to the participants as we all gather to talk about our experiences.


Overall, the event was a success. Even though everyone was tired, we were happy that we accomplished something big. And maybe next time, we can go for something even bigger. Also, in the future, we can start to open up to other members all around SP or even from other polytechnics. Everyone had plenty enjoyable interaction and we hope that this will be a fruitful memory in their polytechnic life.