BAHAS 4PM (pronounced as Empat PM) is derived from the initials of the organization’s name in Malay, Persatuan Pemuda Pemudi Melayu, which has four Ps and one M. Bahas 4PM is considered a driving force in youth development within the Malay/Muslim community. The organization itself is supported by illustrator’s alumni members who have been nurtured through 4PM’s activities and have since developed into prominent national leaders.


Bahas 4PM is a debate competition with 2 teams putting forth their stands and arguments on a given proposition. An example of a topic could be ‘Tolerance leads to global peace’. From this, the teams will take their turns to debate on it – discussing them in a formal and professional manner. At the end of the debate, the judges will decide on the winner based on a point system which factors in the teams’ critical analysis, their presentation skills and also their language proficiency.


On 24th April 2016, when results showed that Team Singapore Polytechnic 1 (SP1) which consists of Ahmad Zaid, Nabila Natasha, Shafiqah Nurul Ain and Nurul Amirah are qualified for the Quarterfinal, they are also given the topic for the Quarterfinal’s debate: ‘Discrimination is a must in the workplace’.  SP1 had 2 weeks to prepare for this Quarterfinal debate (7th May 2016). When SP1 got the topic, they got discouraged as in general, discrimination are always associated with bad actions. However, with passion and determination, they brainstormed together with the help of their Couch Izwan and Team Singapore Polytechnic 2 (SP2), they managed to twist the concept to their side.


SP1 fought hard for the quarterfinal debate however, results was not on their side. All in all, Bahas 4PM has been a journey full of knowledge and wisdom. A journey that has a positive impact on each of these individuals. It has nurtured them to be critical thinkers and professional debaters. Strengthens the bond they just build and instil a sense of belonging in them towards the team. Nonetheless, this leaves them with a burning passion to come stronger for Bahas 4PM 2017.


SP1: Zaid, Amirah, Shafiqah, Nabila


Ahmad Zaid, Nabila Natasha and Shafiqah Nurul Ain in action




SP 1 with Coach Izwan Ohtman



SP 2: Firdaus, Mu’az, Huda, Hidayah, Coach Izwan, SP 1: Amirah, Nabila, Shafiqah and Zaid



“Bahas4pm taught me to push my limits, to believe in myself and to never give up even at the very last minute. Through this journey, I met genuinely kind and warm individuals who displayed nothing but sheer passion in their actions and words that their company itself is an honour to me”

– Nurul Huda


“A challenge that proved me wrong, made me do what I never imagined I could. I learned to not underestimate my capabilities. I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to meet these beautiful individuals that brought joy through the journey and even after”

– Nabila Natasha


“If given a chance, I definitely will try again not to prove a point but to tell myself that I can do it. Doesn’t matter what medium of language you’re debating in, all you need is a faith in what you’re standing up for”

– Ahmad Zaid



SP1 & SP2 with Muhammad Irfan


“Well, I’m really proud of every single one of you. All of you did your very best, and giving your best is all that I want to see. Results don’t really matter to me. All I want to see is a smile on your face”

– Muhammad Irfan (Head of Language Department 2015/2016)