For the first time in 43 terms, SPMLS has stepped up to organise their very own EXCO Training Camp.

The objectives being to norm the newly appointed leaders in working together and to assist them in familiarising with the school’s standard recommended procedures in running the CCA.

The camp started off smoothly with Day 1 focused on establishing bond among the leaders and breaking the awkward salutations within. The day was focused in improving communication and timeliness of the new team with fun but challenging activities and missions. The pupils rested for the night after a humble session speaking their hearts out of their worries and concerns to each other, facilitated by the 43rd president who reassured them of their strength as a team to survive this journey.

The main focus of the camp – management matters – was succeeded on Day 2 where the 43rd EXCO passed down their knowledge pertaining to admin matters and events organising to the 44th EXCO with visuals and examples of past events. To ascertain a common understanding of the shared knowledge, the 44th has been delegated upcoming events of SPMLS to be organised and executed. Well, of course we are not leaving them alone, we are staying in the shadows observing and guiding them when need be. We are very much looking forward to the results of their creativity and determination to perform better than us (;

Day 2 was made more memorable and exciting with the appearance of our 37th and 39th Presidents who made time to join us and share their eye opening experiences and advices for the current and coming EXCO. We thank you Presidents for your time and precious words!

The camp ended on Day 3 with the 44th EXCO presenting their plans and draft proposals to the 43rd where feedbacks and advices were reciprocated. The ending of the camp came with a surprise appearance of the 41st President. Thank you President for your words of encouragement and motivation to the new leaders. Let’s just say we are all feeling very good about this team thus far.

The effectiveness of this training camp may be reflected by the work the 44th are producing which we hope would be up to standards. Ultimately, our aim was to make sure we hand over our term to them whole heartedly and prepare them to run their term skilled and not empty handed.

To the 44th EXCO, we wish you all the best in your upcoming term and never be afraid to approach us for any help at all. 44th, FIGHTING!


37th and 39th Presidents roaming around and giving advise to the 44th EXCO


Sharing session by the 39th President, Syarifuddin Tagok


Sharing session by the 41st President, Nur Hidayat